Project Summary

Purposes and Goals

This project aims to present web-based written and visual materials that will naturally support the development of children during their daily school routines, activities and transitions for pre-school educators, and to define this content as a professional development process and to give certificates to those who successfully complete the process.

Topic, Concept and Literature Summary

With the increase in the importance and support given to inclusive classrooms, the need for natural instructional processes, which include effective and practical strategies that they can use in the normal education process, has emerged, especially in pre-school inclusive classrooms. For this reason, in order for inclusive practices to be successful, there is a need for practices that practically explain and show how they can teach during their daily school routines, activities and transitions for preschool educators.

Original Value

Written, visual and web 2.0 for educators with scientifically based, practical and real examples showing educators how the goals set for children with disabilities in preschool inclusive classrooms can be achieved naturally during daily school routines, activities and transitions. 

Widespread Impact

The content prepared will be freely accessible in Turkish, English, German, Hungarian and Macedonian with the contribution of the project partners.

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